Devilish & Devastating

Scorch is a single piece of solid polished steel that nobody should own. Meticulously measured, refined, and tested over two years of obsession and burn cream, Scorch is always 60 seconds away from charring a 9 ♣ card reveal into almost anything. Scorch snaps on your Zippo®-style (not included) lighter and creates a permanent and timeless magic moment lying in wait.

Fast & Forever

No need to call your local cowhand; Scorch is ready to senselessly brand stuff in less than a minute. Just pop it on top of your Zippo®-style lighter, heat it up, and you're ready to create memorable magic anywhere.


People Love Fire

Who are we kidding? We all love fire. It's not that fire is cool but… well, fire is cool. A timeless, striking, and Scorched reveal that will always be ready . You'll want them everywhere. It's ok, we understand.


Memorable Magic

Ordinary reveals can be ho-hum but when people see stuff that's been Scorched they go “Wow! That's some burnt stuff! How long has it been there? Did a caveman do that? Davinci? I'm amazed!”

Full Transparency…

A Measely $50?

The prices on Scorch are this low during this launch period only! The $50USD pricing is made possible by manufacturing in small batches on demand.

Order your Scorch now and you, too, can #burnstuff in the name of magic! Yours will be shipped to you in a maximum of 6-8 weeks.Worldwide shipping is included with your limited price of $50USD!

To keep prices low you will receive the 9 ♣

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Please note: this is Scorch's maiden voyage and Not Defiant's first release. All orders are fully guaranteed, backed by PayPal, and are lovingly fulfilled by an aspiring magician like you. Please contact Christopher Penny directly with any questions.

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